Q: What does the retreat price include?

  • 5 nights accommodation, Oct 19th-24th
  • Brunch & Dinner everyday starting with dinner Friday and ending with brunch Wednesday, with the exception of dinner Monday when we will eat out in Paia
  • All onsite workshops, activities and workshops at the beach
  • Hot tubs, saltwater pool & sauna

Q: Do you offer day passes or drop in classes?

A: Yes! Contact Mikka for details

Q: What’s not included?

  • Airfare and transportation/gas/cars (we will assist in organizing but lyft/uber is great option!)
  • Massage, private sound healing sessions, private lessons
  • Excursion Activities not organized by the leaders
  • Snorkeling Gear

Q. How is the weather?

 A: You never can tell what the weather will be like on the North Shore of Maui. The “rainy season” doesn't usually start until November. Maui has been in a drought situation for the last few years and so it’s very hit or miss. Haiku is near a rainforest and those showers are enhanced during the winter months. Waterfalls will be close to their peak! For those going on the Haleakala hike, bring warm layers. 

Plan for hot days and cool nights, and always check the weather closer to your travel date.

Q: What should I pack?

A: packing list:

Q: Where can I pick up food or something I forgot to pack or need for the retreat?

A: Mana Foods in Paia is recommended for food. Costco is located in Kahului very close to the airport. There is also a Whole Foods Market, a Down to Earth, a Safeway, Target and a Foodland in Kahului. If you arrive on Maui after 9pm, the Safeway in Kahului is open 24rs.



 Q: I am arriving a day or 2 early to the retreat, where should I stay?

A: You can stay at the retreat center but you must contact Mikka ahead of time to extend your room reservation. They will make sure you are in the same bed that you will be in during the retreat. 

Q: How will I get from the airport to the retreat center?

A: Lyft/Uber, rent a car or organize a carpool with others who are on a similar flight as you. Fill out the Logistics for here: and then coordinate with others here:

Q: Are vaccines required to travel to Hawaii?

A: No, no vaccines or medication are required or recommended for travel to Hawaii.

Q: Should I bring bug repellent and rain gear?

A: Yes

Q: Will my cell phone work to make calls?

A: Most likely, but we cannot guarantee it. Signal can vary depending on weather and location. 

Q: What should I do in Maui after the retreat? 

A: We recommend checking out other parts of the island such as Hana or the south side. You can connect with others at the retreat to make plans or in the facebook group. You can also extend your stay at the retreat center. 



Q: What time is check in and check out?

A: Check in is 2pm and Check out is 11am. Post in the facebook group if you will be arriving more than 2 hours after your flight lands so we know what time to be ready to greet you when you arrive. Please make sure to attend the closing circle at 10am on the last day of the retreat! If needed, please call the office to request a late checkout 808-572-9300.

Q: Will my belongings be secure?

A: Yes, you can lock your bedroom. 

Q: Is there wifi at Hale Akua?

A: Yes but not everywhere.

Q: Are beach towels provided?

A: No, please bring your own.

Q: I heard the Retreat Center is clothing optional?

A: Yes in the Pool and Hot tub area

Q: Where will I be sleeping?

A: MIkka will contact you and tell you your room assignment.

Q: What will my room accommodations be like?

A: You can read the descriptions of each of the houses on the retreat homepage

Q: Is there a washer/dryer onsite?

A: Yes, there is laundry in the Villa, Main House, and in the Cabana House for your use.

Q: How will I know where everything is located?

A: There will be a schedule and a map in every house at the Retreat Center and a map posted in the facebook group.

Q: Will I have access to a kitchen?

A: Yes, there is a kitchen in each of the houses. We have a kitchen in the Cabana house we will share. However, since we have an onsite chef, public storage space in the fridge may be limited and access to the kitchen for guests will be restricted during meal prep.



Q: What will we be eating?

A: You can see the retreat menu here:

Q: What if I want extra food?

A: You can stop by the grocery store on the way from the airport to the retreat center and pick up extra snacks to have during the retreat. There are no restaurants or grocery stores near the retreat center so please plan accordingly.

Q: Do you make accommodations for special diets? 

A: Yes, please tell us about what you need in the dietary column!

Q: What if I want to leave for the beach before brunch is served?

A: If you are going on an excursion, Kyra can pack it to go for you if you give her notice.

There are also many wonderful roadside stands and food options within driving distance that you may want to check out. We LOVE Kuau store in Paia. BEST poke ever.

Q: Are all meals included on the Retreat?

A. No, dinner on Monday night, is not included as we will be eating out in Paia. 

Q: Will there be alcohol?

A: Alcohol will not be provided but you are welcome to pick up liquor, cocktail ingredients, or wine on your way to the retreat center to have with you at the retreat. We will be making tropical cocktails during sunset some days. BYOB.

Q: I am scheduled to volunteer, where do I find out when and where I need to be?

A: Mikka will send you a link to the volunteer schedule. When you start your shift, check in with chef Kyra for instruction. All kitchen shifts start 2 hours before the meal is served.

Q: What if I am volunteering during a class time that I want to attend?

A: You can ask one of the other volunteers if you can switch shifts with them or join for just part of the class. Coordinate with MG or Kyra to switch shifts after you found someone to take your place. All kitchen volunteers must have attended the orientation meeting with Kyra.



Q: What will we be doing all week?

A: You can see the schedule on the bottom of the retreat homepage. There will also be a printed schedule in each of the houses at the retreat center. 

Q: What if there are changes to the schedule during the retreat?

A: All changes will be posted on the white board in the yoga studio. 

Q: Where will we be doing yoga and dance?

A: In the yoga studio or on the villa lawn.

Q: What if I am a beginner?

A: All levels are welcome to attend the classes. There will be assistants in every class to attend to your needs.

Q: I have an advanced practice, will I be challenged enough?

A: All the teachers are fantastic and have experience teaching / gearing the classes to challenge all levels.

Q: Do I need to bring my own mat, block and/or straps?

A: If you like to use a block or strap during your yoga practice please bring one. We encourage you to bring your own yoga mat if you have one but we can also supply you with a mat.

Q: What if I want to spend extra time on the Poles?

A: You have access to the dance studio where the poles will be set up at all times. We ask that you do not do any inversions outside of class and dance at your own risk. No drunk poling.

Q: What if I don’t want to be in any photos or videos during the retreat?

A: Let the photographer and the videographer know so that they can make sure to keep you out of the shots. 

Q: Where can I rent snorkel gear?

A: There are lots of snorkel shops near the beach.

Q: Where can I find more info about the teachers?

A: The retreat homepage, click on the photos of the instructors for more info!

Q: Are the activities mandatory? 

A: No, all the activities are optional. You are more than welcome to opt out for personal or rest time whenever you would like as long as you do not interrupt the planned activities.

Q: What style of yoga and dance will be offered?

A: Our intuitive instructors will be teaching a variety of techniques, suitable for beginners to advanced practitioners. They are able to adjust the flow to the group so students can find their intelligent edge on their journey inward. Vinyasa, pranayama, asana, dhyaha, creative visualization, aromatherapy and sound healing will be interweaved with an emphasis on the fluid dance of the practice, all set to great music of course! The dance classes and pole classes focus on musicality and freestyle expression, while the dance fusion classes have more choreography. 

Q: Will there be acroyoga at the retreat?

A: Yes there will be lots of acro jamming and several acroyoga classes.

Q: Where can I find other classes, events or retreats led by Mikka Minx?

A: Classes are held in San Francisco but events and retreats have a wide variety of locations. You can see all classes, events and retreats on the website:, look for the links at the bottom of the page.

Q: How Can I book a massage?

A: Contact Mikka to see what time slots are available and to inquire on massage styles and prices.

Q: Is there anything I can help out with during the retreat?

A: Yes! Ask Mikka. 

Q: Can I do everything offered at the retreat?

A: Yes but we don't recommend it. There is a full schedule of non-overlapping classes, excursions and activities throughout the week. It's likely you will need time to rest and recover at some point. We suggest prioritizing what is most important to you to attend.

Q: What if I am really tired from all the activities?

A: Take a nap! Get a massage! Go to bed early! If you need to leave an evening activity to go to sleep it’s no problem. It’s much better to feel rested and ready to take the day on then try and do everything when your body is asking for rest. You may be coming from a stressful day/week/life and your body may realize this is an opportunity to rest and recover, it’s best to honor your body’s requests so you can get the most out of your experience. This is a retreat after all!

Q: What if I miss everyone after it's over?

A: Maui Retreat decompression is scheduled for November 3rd in San Francisco!