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Kyra's amazing island food

Kyra's amazing island food

We are so excited to have our amazing chef, Kyra, preparing delicious food on the Maui retreat again this year!

More Pleaze: Kyra Bramble’s Philosophy on Food

“To me, food is a way to share my art while nourishing those around me. What other form of artistic expression literally feeds those that you love? Through food I have found a way to share my soul with the world. Through food we learn about science, history, spirituality, and our own unique bodies.”

Organic chef Kyra Bramble is bringing her unique talent and caring touch to our table at Maui Unbound, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome her. Between Kyra’s creative and lovingly prepared recipes, and the lush organic fruit and veggie gardens surrounding us, we know the food will be one of the most memorable parts of our week.


Kyra describes herself as a “health food ninja,” in addition to a plant-based chef, wild crafter, holistic nutritionist in training, and all around lover of all things edible.” She also holds a Le Cordon Bleu degree from California Culinary Academy, a 1000+ hour SFHN certification from Hawthorn University, and a Wildcrafter Certification from Earth Medicine Institute. Her company, More Pleaze, caters yoga retreats and other spiritual gatherings, offers cooking classes and workshops, and offers recipe development, all with a focus on healthy, organic, plant-based cuisine.


To get a taste of Kyra’s talents, you can try one of her recipes at home. Macadamia nuts are native to Australia but grow abundantly in Maui and the other Hawaiian islands. Kyra put together a simple Macadamia Nut “Raw-Cotta” Cheese recipe —a healthy, raw vegan alternative to ricotta cheese. Or try her Turmeric Coconut Passionfruit Smoothie recipe, which combines some of our favorite local Hawaiian ingredients and flavors (a great teaser for what we can look forward to on the island).


For more delicious inspiration, you can follow Kyra on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

For a seat at our dinner table, sign up for our EmBODYment Maui Retreat and join us for some meals you’ll never forget!

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