There are no “bad voices”: Chelsea Kirby in her own words

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We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the multi-talented Chelsea Kirby this fall. Hailing from San Francisco, Chelsea brings a variety of experience and ideas to EmBODYment Maui Retreat, and describes herself as a “musician, sound-healer, aerial arts enthusiast, dance junkie, fervent yogi, and fitness mentor.”

At EmBODYment, we’re delighted to have Chelsea teaching expressive vinyasa yoga classes as well as her unique Expressive Voice Workshop: a method that combines meditation, movement, breath work and toning to bring out the unique beauty and confidence of our own voices. You can hear Chelsea’s music here.

What are you most looking forward to on the retreat?

Connecting with other creative beings on the breathtaking land that is Hale Akua. I'm looking forward to holding space for the healing of others by through my offerings of yoga and music and I'm also looking forward to partaking in all of the amazing classes and workshops. 

Oh, and the hot tubs! and Kyra's food of course! I'm pretty much excited about all aspects of this retreat.


What do you want students to take away from your yoga classes?

I really hope that everyone who steps into the yoga studio is able to find presence and transformation in their experience, that we each learn a bit more about ourselves. Right now is such an important time in humanity for us to do some self-work and heal. My intention is to offer mediums that empower others to feel comfortable and free, to be expressive, and encourage their own self-healing.

How about your Expressive Voice Workshop? It sounds so unique and intriguing.

I'm super excited to be offering the Expressive Voice workshop. To share this with others comes from a very personal and vulnerable place for me. I feel called to share this because there was certainly a time in my life where I was not feeling fully comfortable in my voice and in my truth, to feel open rather than restricted is such a gift and it's something we all deserve. Society tells us that there is such thing as a "good voice" or "not so good", this limits our ability to share a primal part of ourselves. As a species we supposedly sang before we spoke, to utilize and tap into our sonar is sacred and can provide deep healing. This has absolutely been the case for me and I can't wait to share some accessible approaches and tools with our Maui tribe!

As the Maui tribe, we’re delighted to welcome Chelsea. Find out how you can join the party too!