Dancehall Daze

Libby Miga

Libby Miga

Our rockstar dance teacher Libby Miga brings a wide variety experience and tastes that we’re so excited to share with students at EmBODYment Maui Retreat. Libby has trained in lots of styles, but her current favorite is dancehall, a popular club dance that comes from Jamaica—different part of the world, but perfect for the tropical island feel of our weeklong dance party.

Dancehall music first started developing in the 1980s in Jamaican cities, as electronic influence began overtaking the roots reggae style that had been popular in the previous decade. Today, you can hear dancehall all over Jamaica and other Caribbean countries, in clubs and street parties. It’s also become a major cultural export as the Jamaican diaspora has spread throughout North American and Europe. Some of the best-known artists that have had crossover success in the U.S. include Beenie Man (the “King of Dancehall”), Sean Paul, and Vybz Kartel.

Libby trained in Jamaica primarily with international dance teacher Latonya Style, who started a school and style called (appropriately) Stylish Moves. Libby combines Latonya’s dancehall movements with her own background in hip hop and West African dance for an incredibly unique, high-energy choreography that we can’t wait to play with.


See some of Latonya’s dancing here:


And one more from our amazing Libby Miga here:


If you’re ready to start pre-partying island-style, here’s a Pitchfork list of the 50 Best Dancehall Songs of All Time, or learn some dancehall lingo.


Come join us on the dancefloor at our EmBODYment Maui Retreat!